Heaven Touches Earth

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“She had been killed in an automobile accident. Her husband was in route to the hospital. I met their minister in the hospital corridor. In utter desperation, he cried, “I feel so uncomfortable coming to the hospital. It’s such a foreign environment. I don’t know what to say or do. I’ve never done this before. Please tell me what to do.” The patient said,” My pastor doesn’t make hospital visits. He can’t handle hospitals.”

When the unexpected arises and you find your parishioners hospitalized, are you equipped to support them effectively? Difficult situations can catch us off guard and unprepared. This concise “how to handbook” is a succinct resource of clear insight into hospital practices/protocol useful in training volunteers, parish visitors, pastors/chaplains and a helpful refresher guide for those that have studied hospital ministry. You will proceed with confidence as you minister to the sick and suffering.”

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Ultimate Health

I just finished reading this book – Ultimate Health – for the second time and have begun to really work through each chapter of this treasure.  I’ll admit it, I’m going to be 58 years old in a week or so, and I am NOT even close to being healthy – forget about Ultimate Health.

So when I read this book…  it really made me think.  I come from a line of folks that live long lives… but the way that I’m going, that’s not going to happen.  So…  in addition to what I write here, the books I review, the stories I share, etc.  I am launching a new blog in a day or so (the bare bones are there already).  This blog is about the next 365 days.  One year in the life of a middle age woman… my return to wholeness and health.

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Ignite God’s Vision for Your Life

Greater: Dream Bigger. Start Smaller. Ignite God's Vision for Your Life.Greater: Dream Bigger. Start Smaller. Ignite God’s Vision for Your Life. by Steven Furtick


Recently I became aware of a GodTube video of Pastor Furtick that I, as an evangelical Christian, find truly offensive.  For that reason,  I will not promote any products of Pastor Furtick and have removed my reviews of his books from my blog.

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Revangelical: Becoming the Good News People We're Meant to BeRevangelical: Becoming the Good News People We’re Meant to Be by Lance Ford

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

“When you hear the word evangelical, do you think “good news”? That’s what the word means, and it’s what we are meant to be. Yet the surrounding culture often views us as exactly the opposite. Calling yourself an evangelical too often means you are seen through a negative stereotype; people are apprehensive when they hear that an evangelical family has moved into the neighborhood. But is this the way it has to be?

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Tested By Fire

Over the years, I’ve been known to purchase and attempt to complete several Bible Study’s.  I’ve not been very sucessful at it.  I’m not sure the reason, but my typical pattern is to be gung-ho for the first week, with my attention waning somewhere around the beginning of week 2.  Now, I’m not saying that I haven’t completed any… but I’m best when I am part of a group study.  Not so good on my own.

So I wondered when I agreed to review this 4-week Bible study, if I would be able to finish it and be able to give an honest and truthful review for the author.  Well… Praise Jesus!  Yes.  I finished it!  I loved this study.  I was sad to see it end.  I truly did wish that there were a few more weeks worth of study.  I do hope the author is working on her next study… she is truly gifted!

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SuperGal vs. God

I’ve thought for years, that I should write my story….  the story of those 56 days that started in December 2005.  The story of my husband’s home-going.  As I read this book, I thought that I was reading my own story.  This author, Lori Hynson,  she get’s it.  She was so able to write not just my story – no matter how similar the circumstances – but the story of every SuperGal out there.  This book has left me thinking through alot of old lately.  Memories I should have put away a long time ago.  Thank you Lori. Continue reading

The Illusion of More

Read this and let your imagination run away with the beauty of the words….

“….. God’s display of talent is nothing short of supernatural. He put on the original magic show.
With a spoken thought the Creator turned an infinite void into an ever-expanding universe. Giving voice to His own imagination. He ignited the inferno of countless stars and sent worlds spinning into orbit. Like an inspired painter doodling on a three-dimensional canvas. He sketched out continents and colored in the oceans. Then, with mere words, God brought life — to Life!

“Grass, please.” And with the echo of His voice, a carpet of green covered the world. Continue reading

Praying Through Hard Times

As I am writing the review of this book…  I am trying to keep myself from thinking about the appointment that I have tomorrow morning for a breast biopsy.  I’m not sure that this book could have come at a better time.

With an ovarian cancer diagnosis 4 years ago…. and Praise Jesus, no reoccurence… I have been struggling with this appointment – playing out all of the worst case scenario’s over and over in my thoughts

But after finishing this book this morning… all I can do is take my heart and my fears to Him.  To take them to His throne, and at that throne… I find my strength.

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25 Ways to Communicate Respect to Your Husband

So… I got this book a couple of weeks ago.  The title sounded interesting enough.  But it wasn’t until the book arrived that I thought that I might have made a mistake agreeing to read this book.   The last thing that I want to do is to insult the author with my opinion of her work.

I have to say that I am so glad that I did request to read this book.  I wasn’t expecting it, but i was inspired by it. 

I finished reading this book today – Mother’s Day.  I’ve been thinking a lot about my mom today – oh how I miss her.  More so recently.  I think that perhaps this little 170 page book had something to do with it.  My mother had this habit (one I found truly annoying when I was a young bride) of “peace at all cost”.  She used to make me crazy with what I thought at the time were her “old-fashioned” ideas about what makes for a happy husband and happy home and therefore a happy wife.  I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older that her ideas were not so old-fashioned… nope they were remarkably on point.  Continue reading

Total Turnaround

Are you experience trials or setbacks in your life? Through challenges are a normal part of life, they don’t have to become your entire life. Isn’t it time you had a Total Turnaround? Your breakthrough is waiting. Discover how to receive the victory God has made available for you, and experience your Total Turnaround today!

These are the words from the back of the latest book that I jsut finished reading ~Total Turnaround – 12 Keys to Breathrough in Every Area of Your Life  by Danette Joy Crawford. 

My first thought when I received this book….  “Just how many more self-help books are there out there?”    I was wrong, this is more than a self-help book.  Total Turnaround has helped me to discern the areas in my own life that perhaps I am not experiencing total victory.  Continue reading