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What if God has had a plan for you from the very beginning?

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  • God wants to rescue you from bondage?
  • He wants to deliver you from whatever holds you back?
  • He wants you to discover His original intention for your life?
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Stolen But Not Lost

Stolen But Not LostStolen But Not Lost by Janet Tombow

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“How could a Mother not lover her child? What if you thought you weren’t loved or wanted your whole life… only to learn there was another shocking side to this story?! In this heart-warming true story, see how the author discovered the truth, finally yielded to God’s will, and had a whole new future opened to her… before it was too late!”

The beginning of this book was, for me, very difficult to read. There is a tremendous amount of detail about the abuses this author endured… and survived. This book may not be for everyone… perhaps there should have been a warning about the content, it truly did disturb me.

However, by Chapter 2, the story takes a turn as the author begins a search for past through a series of divine appointments. She is unrelenting in the search for her birth mother; she lays bare her heart, her thoughts and her emotions and we are privileged to be part of her struggles – physical, psychological, and emotional. Her tenacity is finally rewarded as she does discover her past and the truth. But is she too late to know the truth? To tell more about this story would be a disservice to the author… it is her story to tell.

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