Red Letter Prayer Life

The Red Letter Prayer Life: 17 Words from Jesus to Inspire Practical, Purposeful, Powerful PrayerThe Red Letter Prayer Life: 17 Words from Jesus to Inspire Practical, Purposeful, Powerful Prayer by Bob Hostetler

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“You’re invited to sit at the feet of Jesus Himself and listen—and learn (and yearn)—as He prays. Seventeen chapters share the exciting, empowering, and enlightened Red Letter Prayer Life as Jesus spoke it, lived it, and shared it with His followers. Jesus uncovered secrets of prayer that could make the lame walk, open prison doors, and break down barriers between people. He did it for His followers then, and He does it for you today.

For some time now, it has been burning in my heart to really renew my prayer life. Take it from the rote and new and fresh. After reading The Red Letter Prayer Life, that burning in my heart has only grown brighter and more intense.
In 17 chapters the author, Bob Hostetler, takes you on an unforgettable journey to a more fulfilling prayer life than you ever hoped for or imagined. This is not a book that you will read one time and put it up on the shelf. This is a book that will require a second read and a third study to totally absorb the wisdom the author shares. If you want to go deeper into your prayer life, and then deeper still I can’t recommend this book enough. You will not be disappointed.

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