Sometimes crazy just keeps going

So much has gone on around here the last few days that it is making my head spin.  I won’t go in to too much detail, but suffice to say a member of my extended family is walking a real fine line in breaking the law and is asking Michael to be complicit in it!  His refusal to do that, to lie for this person is causing some major issues here.

I wrote a note to some friends and family other other night asking for adivce on how I should handle things.  In my role in this persons life, I have no  persuasion power over this person, I am merely someone on the fringes with no input, yet on the receiving end of the end results. So, I have to tread lightly in some matters, regardless of my thoughts.  This matter has caused significant arguements between them and us…  especially when I hear comments like… “it’s no big deal, it’s not hurting anyone” and my favorite – “everybody does it”.

So as I said, I sent out a note asking for help and advice.  Not a single response!  What???? It wasn’t until yesterday when I read in my devotional “Quietness and trust accomplish far more than you can imagine…When you trust Me in a given area, you release that problem or person to my care.” (Jesus Calling by Sarah Young – page 267)

Why was I asking anyone else for advice?  What was I thinking.  I say with my mouth that He is my Lord and Savior in whom I place my complete trust.  But when it comes to looking for advice, I go elsewhere???  I am such a mess.  I knew it was time for me to shut my mouth.  The constant argueing and bickering was out of control  I wanted the joy back in my house.  I decided that this is not a normal battle going on here.  And I knew I had to ask God for His forgiveness for not trusting in Him and them handing over all of it to Him.

As I went about my chores yesterday afternoon, this entire situation of course was on my mind.  I heard in my thoughts, “Give them to me, Trust me with this one too”.  TOO??? YES!!! That’s it.  I was reminded of a book that I read at the begining of this year when we walked through a horrible, ugly time with my step-son and his drug addiction.  Praise God, it has been 8 months and he is clean and sober and working everyday and doing generally well.  He still has a very long road ahead of him, and alot of work to do.  But everyday is a blessing.  To read more about that journey:

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I Bought A Book the Other Day

But I digress…. What God was showing me was that I needed to give this person to Him.  The battle was not mine to fight.  This was about more than a legal issue, this was a battle for her soul.

I dug out this treasured book is called: “The Power of Praying For Your Adult Children” by Stormie Omartian and started reading again. And once again, the Author just blessed my heart with exactly what I needed to hear.power of praying

“We all must ask God to show us what to do, and what not to do, for our adult children.  We have to seek God as to how to pray for them.  We need to ask the Lord for clarity and discernment to know when to just pray and let Him work in their lives with any other help from us.  Only God knows the right thing to do.  And only when you have released your adult child completely into God’s hands and put the Lord in charge of their life can you ever have true peace.  You can’t change your child, but God can. ” (page 11) 

“Understand and believe that when you pray about your adult child, God will hear and answer.  Prayer is not telling God what to do.  Prayer is partnering with God to see that His will is done.  You don’t have to fully understand what God’s will is in order to pray that His will be done.” (page 12)

 The nuggets of truth and wisdom in this book are amazed.  I am blessed as I turn each page.  In the words of the author – “If you are just starting to pray for your adult child, it takes a while to turn that ship around and head it in a new direction.  Keep on praying no matter what happens, and don’t give up. ”

So, we begin this prayer journey for our child.  I pray that they will feel the nudging of the Holy Spirit when they contemplate their next decision.  I pray for them as I prayed for John.  They are both grown adults.  Neither are going to listen to their father or me.  So Lord, I ask you to find that perfect person and send them into her life.  Let that person be a witness to Your love.  Let them be a shining example of a life live in You.  Lord I hand them over to You and I thank you in advance for the mighty work that You are going to do in their life.  Amen.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes crazy just keeps going

  1. I really feel for you in your struggle sister. I have two beautiful step children God blessed me with when I could not have my “own.” I always think, when things get difficult, these are the labor pains I did not have to go through. I imagine that our situations are different in that my kiddos entered my life when they were four and six.

    I do want to say this, trusting in our Father doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for advice, discernment, and support from others. In my experience, God often uses these people to speak to me. Ultimately though, I agree that your trust is from the Lord. He will give you peace and unsurpassed patience!

    It wasn’t that long ago that we discussed intercessory prayer during a sermon. Our pastor said that it is important to pray for those we love and for those sheep who are straying. We are called to pray for each other, but not to the point where it becomes a burden or stumbling block. Like you said, smart sister, we then need to give the person over to God and trust His plans. It’s difficult, but the Lord will get the person’s attention one way or another.

    I am praying for love, peace, and support in your heart as well as your step-daughter.

    God bless you always!


  2. I agree completely that we can gain much wisdom and support from friends and family. Having never birthed my own children and recieving these children when they are grown and having lost their own mom, I am often at a loss on how this all gets put together. How we become an extended family of sorts.

    With this particular time is interesting though. It struck me that no one single person stepped up with a single word of hope, encouragement or wisdom in this case. It wasn’t till God reminded me that He did nothing short of a miracle in my step-sons life, that He can do the same in her life!


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