Hearing God’s Voice

book coverSo this week we are studying chapter 2 of this book.  The chapter title is : Hearing God’s Voice. 

I think that we all want to be able to clearly distinguish God’s voice.  We want to hear it loud and clear so that there is no mistaking it or His message.  Oh if only it were that simple.

I can remember only one time in my life that I feel that I heard God’s voice loud and clear.  I can’t say what His voice sounded like, only that I heard words…  not an impression of words, but actual words.  It was during a time that I was so overwrought with life and my emotions were so out of control.  It’s as though God in His wisdom knew that He better say the words, because there is no way that I was going to hear Him.

But that got me to thinking about hearing from God.  Just a thought to ponder…..

The God that we hear today is the SAME God that walked and talked with Adam in the Garden!!!!  That image always blows me away. 

Just a thought to ponder.

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