Finding Favor with the King

Finding Favor with the King: Preparing for Your Moment in His PresenceFinding Favor with the King: Preparing for Your Moment in His Presence by Tommy Tenney

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Have you ever had a “that night” or a “that day”? A point in time before which things were going wrong, but after which things began to go right? What are the ingredients for “that night”? What is mixed into the recipe? Understanding what goes into creating that moment of divine favor was Esther’s ultimate secret. She learned how to find favor with the king.”

Finding Favor with the King takes the reader into the life of Esther. Specifically into the one year prior to Esther’s fateful night with the king; the night that would save a nation.
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The Prosperous Soul

The Prosperous Soul: Your Journey to a Richer LifeThe Prosperous Soul: Your Journey to a Richer Life by Cindy Trimm

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and letter life than they ever dreamed of.” “Prosperity comes from within. You were created to enjoy prosperity on every level – from a rich spiritual and intellectual life, to richness in your relationships and professional pursuits! The problem is that prosperity has often been reduced to a single measure: A dollar amount. Truth is, financial abundance is just one expression of what it means to live a rich life.”

I wondered when I asked to review this book if it was going to be another “do this and you’ll be rich… prosperity gospel” book. Oh how wrong I was. This book by Dr. Cindy Trimm is amazing! It truly spoke to my heart.
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When You Need Peace

The Beauty of Grace: Stories of God's Love from Today's Most Popular WritersThe Beauty of Grace: Stories of God’s Love from Today’s Most Popular Writers by Dawn Camp

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is your invitation . . . to slow down, take a deep breath, and know that you are loved

“In this hectic life, it’s easy to forget that God is always near at hand, even though He sends us frequent reminders. The beauty amid the mess, a well-timed word of encouragement from a friend, the memories that won’t let go of our hearts–they’re all ways God extends an open hand to us. But if we’re not paying attention, we can miss it.

Combining heartfelt stories from some of today’s foremost writers with Dawn’s stunning photography of God’s incredible creation, The Beauty of Grace is your haven of calm contemplation amid the chaos. This inspiring collection includes stories of cultivating friendship, waiting on God, choosing joy, staying connected, learning to trust, and much more.”

This book, The Beauty of Grace, is just… peaceful. It is a wonderful compilation of stories written by women from all walks of life. They are stories of Grace. Grace in our Purpose, Our Surrender, Our Trust, in Our Hope and Encouragement, in our Lessons Learned and in Our Worship. These are more than mere stories written by some of the most popular writers, they are stories that almost make you feel that they are right there with you, sharing their words. Continue reading

Misfits Welcome

Misfits Welcome: Find Yourself in Jesus and Bring the World Along for the RideMisfits Welcome: Find Yourself in Jesus and Bring the World Along for the Ride by Matthew Barnett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Being a misfit does not disqualify you from a dynamic life—it prepares you for it. Matthew Barnett knows a thing or two about misfits. As founder of the Dream Center in Los Angeles, a 24-hour church that ministers to 35,000 hurting people a week, Barnett has seen a little of everything. Gangsters, addicts, orphans, taggers, cutters, the sick, the suffering, the hopeless…all the misfits of the world come through the church’s doors in search of hope.”

The Least of These… This is the premise for this powerful book, “Misfits Welcome: Find Yourself in Jesus and Bring the World Along for the Ride” by author, Matthew Barnett. For more than 20 years Matthew Barnett has served the “misfits” that walk in our midst – those that most of society has thrown away – as founder of the Dream Center in Los Angeles, California. He has served them with through programs and out reach ministry. But through it all, he has served them in love. Continue reading

The Answer To Our Cry

The Answer to Our Cry: Freedom to Live Fully, Love Boldly, and Fear NothingThe Answer to Our Cry: Freedom to Live Fully, Love Boldly, and Fear Nothing by Rick McKinley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“We all long for freedom. Freedom from anxiety, fear, and sin. Freedom to love others completely as God loves us. And yet we are shackled by insecurity, prone to selfishness, and wary of letting down our guard. That’s not the life God designed for his followers. When his people cry out to him for freedom, he hears–and responds.

Now pastor Rick McKinley shows how true freedom–the kind we see as God delivers his people in the Scriptures–is always in the form of relationship with God rather than our popular notion of complete independence. He calls us to look to the Father, Son, and Spirit for the model of perfect, self-giving freedom and shows how that kind of freedom can utterly transform us.”
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The Life You Are Longing For

Life with a Capital L: Embrace a Bigger Gospel. Experience a Bigger Life.Life with a Capital L: Embrace a Bigger Gospel. Experience a Bigger Life. by Matt Heard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“What is it that you long for? Dream about? Hunger after? We all desire more than just the endurance of our daily routines. But often we feel limited and stuck — like we’re merely existing instead of living. That’s not the way it was meant to be. God intends the humanity in each of us to be deeply experienced, lavishly enjoyed, and exuberantly celebrated. In fact this is what the gospel is all about.

Yes, the gospel. Contrary to conventional thinking — inside and outside the church — following Jesus is not about denying our humanness but embracing it. Rather than acting more spiritual or being more religious, we’re called and enabled to become more fully human… and alive. Matt Heard escorts us on a journey of discovery: that Jesus didn’t come to save us from our humanity — Christ instead yearns to restore it to what God originally intended. Matt then explores ten key areas where everyday life can become extraordinary Life. Christ promised we could “live life to the full.” He didn’t just mean eventually. Life with a Capital L is the Life you are longing for. Now.”
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Bethlehem Road

This is another wonderful study by Michael Whitworth!

Other reviews of his Bible Study’s on this blog:

The Derision of Heaven – A Guide to the Book of Daniel

Living & Longing for the Lord – A Guide to 1 & 2 Thessalonians –

Bethlehem Road: A Guide to RuthBethlehem Road: A Guide to Ruth by Michael Whitworth

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Out of the immense moral darkness of the Judges period comes a story of romance, redemption, and hope. The tale of Ruth has inspired countless generations. But Ruth isn’t the star in this romantic drama; center stage belongs to God and his providence. Naomi and Ruth traveled the Bethlehem Road—one of famine, abandonment, grief, and loss—unaware that the Lord had gone before them to redeem their heartache.”
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Ignite God’s Vision for Your Life

Greater: Dream Bigger. Start Smaller. Ignite God's Vision for Your Life.Greater: Dream Bigger. Start Smaller. Ignite God’s Vision for Your Life. by Steven Furtick


Recently I became aware of a GodTube video of Pastor Furtick that I, as an evangelical Christian, find truly offensive.  For that reason,  I will not promote any products of Pastor Furtick and have removed my reviews of his books from my blog.

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The Impressionist

I don’t often read fiction, but the title of this little book intrigued me.  Is it fiction?  It says so…  but it’s really so much more.

The ImpressionistThe Impressionist by Tim Clinton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Middle aged, disappointed and self-loathing, Adam Camp is anything but the picture of a successful man. With his wife threatening to leave him and their son addicted to drugs, Adam teeters on the verge of absolute despair – questioning his own existence and purpose for living.

After an explosive argument with his wife, Adam searches for an escape as he sets out on a journey that will dramatically recolor his world.” Continue reading

The Illusion of More

Read this and let your imagination run away with the beauty of the words….

“….. God’s display of talent is nothing short of supernatural. He put on the original magic show.
With a spoken thought the Creator turned an infinite void into an ever-expanding universe. Giving voice to His own imagination. He ignited the inferno of countless stars and sent worlds spinning into orbit. Like an inspired painter doodling on a three-dimensional canvas. He sketched out continents and colored in the oceans. Then, with mere words, God brought life — to Life!

“Grass, please.” And with the echo of His voice, a carpet of green covered the world. Continue reading