Open My Ears

We live in a society of noise. Right now, it is mid evening and I am alone in the house. Yet it is noisy here. I can hear the music playing in the living room. I can hear my upstairs neighbors walking… walking… walking (God bless older home with squeaky floors!) I can hear the whirring sound of my computer. I can hear kids running outside. I can hear cars coming and going. And to top it all off, someone overcooked their dinner and set off the fire alarms! Everybody outside till the firemen come! Chatter, Chatter, Chatter. All kinds of noises.

All that, and its evening here. What about during the day. How much noise is there that goes on in our lives every day? And not just the noise of our life, the noise that we have no choice but to hear.   Think about it and make a list the different sounds that you hear before you make it to work in the morning, or that you hear during a simple one hour lunch break… the noise is never ending, and it is deafening.

Even with all of that, there are some noises that we just know, sounds that we can hear over the din of our daily life. There is the sound of “mommy” coming from your child among all of the other children at the playground. Then there is cry in the middle of the night that can wake you from a solid slumber.

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The Top 8 Things to Think About

This article was originally posted on Charisma Magazine/News.  My attempts to “share” the link were not successful, so I have copied the entire article – unaltered.  The original link is:


The news is negative. The enemy is pulling out all the stops because his time is short. Christians need to take a deep breath and focus on the things of the Spirit. (CreationSwap/Paul Burger)

Look at your life. Life is hard. Look at the news. In our fallen, sinful world, evil swirls about like a violent dust devil, clouding the air of absolute truth and muddying the waters of pure grace that flow to eternal life through Christ Jesus. Continue reading

The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind

The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind Expanded Edition: Access to a Life of MiraclesThe Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind Expanded Edition: Access to a Life of Miracles by Bill Johnson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Many Christians believe in miracles, but they are not accessing the supernatural as a way of life. Is this you? Are you ready to experience the miraculous lifestyle that Jesus made available to you because of the Cross? Your access to a lifestyle of signs, wonders, and miracles starts by changing the way you think.”

The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind is an interesting book. The author, Bill Johnson, presents the reader with biblical references as to how we Christians living in today’s world can access the same healing power and grace that the Apostles and Jesus himself had while they walked this earth. This book is an interesting read with a large number of stories of folks that have accessed this power by transforming their minds and walk in a life of miracles.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through the “For Readers Only” group at The Book Club Network, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.

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Deliver Us From Evil

I just finished a book called: “Deliver Us From Evil: A Pastor’s Reluctant Encounters with the Powers of Darkness” by Don Basham.

This was a very interesting book.  I had not heard of Pastor Basham prior to this.  I used to think,  like the Pastor originally thought, that evil cannot invade and reside within a Christian… as Light and dark… Good and evil cannot coexist in the same place.  I don’t know why I thought that, I guess it’s just what I’ve been taught along the way.  I do/did however believe that Christian can be influenced by evil.  That satan and his minions can, and do, influence our thoughts and behaviors.  Continue reading

Cloudy with Scattered Worries

Women's Nonfiction - Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries (A Matchbook Services Women's Inspirational Gift Idea)Women’s Nonfiction – Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries by Kathy Collard Miller

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“If you’re facing a storm – trial, temptation, worry, uncertainty, regret, or fear – Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries will increase your faith and help you trust God as you find peace in all kinds of weather.”

Who among us hasn’t faced their share of storms in the life? The title of this book is what caught got my interest… and I am glad that it did.

This is an interesting book laced with solid biblical truths mixed with gritty honest stories of triumphs and tragedies. Throughout the book the author, Kathy Collard Miller, share’s her personal struggles of the times when worry nearly took over her life and destroyed her marriage.

As I read through the chapters I found myself in more than one scenario about how we can take what might not even be as big as a small rain shower – mix it with a good dose of worry and fear – and we have ourselves one giant hurricane. I took encouragement from the truths and tools that are in this book. We all have worries and storms in our life; it all depends on how we react to them that determines the peace that we have in our life.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through the “For Readers Only” group at The Book Club Network, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.

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Prone To Love

“I know many who can hypothesize about Love.  I know many who can debate the theology, they can tell me the Greek definitions and Hebrew pronunciation, and there is nothing wrong with that.  There is beauty in loving God with all of our minds.  But infinitely more important is loving God with all of our heart.  Love’s not rote discipline:  it’s a response birthed from an encounter, from a revelation of our heavenly Father.” Prone To Love – pg, 50 

Those of you that follow this blog know that I read…. alot.  I make no secret that I receive books via several publishing companies and other sites at no charge to me, in exchange for my review of the book.  I am not required to give a positive review.

I have been blessed to read some amazing and insightful books.  I’ve also read a few that just didn’t do it for me.  And I’ve also discovered that I do enjoy reading good Christian fiction – from time to time.

That being said…  Of the nearly 40 books that I have read in the last 6 months, I have not encountered a book that has affected me like “Prone To Love” by Jason Clark. Continue reading

Preparing For The Storm

This post was originally written in August 2011. This is something that I wrote a few years back.  With all of the storms that have been beating up New England in the last couple of weeks…  well I decided to repost it.


Winter 2013

Growing up in northern New England, we are used to having massive winter storms.  I learned from my parents at a very young age about being prepared.   The preparations for an upcoming storm typically included making sure that there was “Blizzard” food in the house (milk, cereal,bread, etc… especially with 4 children) and the vehicles were gassed up.  It’s not that we weren’t going to be able to get out of the house for months after the storm, as usually within 8 hours after the end of the storm, we would be out and about.  But then again, you never know. (In December 2010 a freak ice storm resulted in 14 days without power for 100’s of thousands of folks – never know)  Mom and dad were always prepared.

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Never Again

(note: I do not take credit for this list, I found it a few years back)


Pray these scriptures over yourself and anyone else you choose daily

Never again will I confess “I can’t” for “I can do all things thru Christ which strengthens me.” Phil 4: 13 

Never again will I confess lack, for “My God shall supply all my need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:19 

Never again will I confess fear, for “God has not given me the spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Tim 1:7

Never again will I confess doubt and lack of faith, for “God has given to every man the measure of faith.” Rom 12:3  Continue reading

Divine Encounter

I’ve been spending a bit of time today going over what I call “lessons learned this month”.  But today was different.  As you know, I’ve been involved in an online Bible Study called “When A Woman Says Yes To God“. book cover  I started just going over what I had underlined in the first 6 chapters… pondering and praying about some of the thoughts that really struck me.

Well I didn’t get very far into Chapter 1 and I read this:

When you look at your everyday circumstances through the lens of God’s perspective, everything changes.  You come to realize that God uses each circumstance, each person who crosses your path, and each encounter you have with Him as a divine appointment.  Each day counts, and every action and reaction matters.”  (page 16) Continue reading

Saint Patrick

I found this in a book I was reading today…  thought I would share.

“Most poeple assume that Saint Patrick is from Ireland.  This is not true.  St. Patrick was actually kidnapped as a teen from his native land of Britain and forced to be a slave for six years in Ireland.  During his captivity, his job was tending sheep.  he spent many hours each day in prayer.  By the time he escaped back to Britain, he was no longer a self-centered aristocratic child.  He had become a man sold out for the cause of Christ.  Severeal years later, he returned as a missionary to Ireland and lived out his life winning that country to Christ. Continue reading