Just A Minute

A minute doesn’t seem like a big deal. After all, it’s just 60 seconds. It goes by in the amount of time that the average heart beats 80 times… or for the average lungs to breathe 20 times. A minute is fairly insignificant if you think about it. We really don’t focus on the single minutes of our life. They are not accounted for in big plan of our life. They tick away and before we know it, all 2400 minutes of this day are done and we are starting on the next 2400 minutes.clock

So what can happen during one minute?

  • 25 Americans will get a passport
  • 58 Airplanes will take off around the world.
  • 116 People will get married
  • 11,319 UPS packages will be delivered
  • 243,000 photos will be uploaded to Facebook
  • 250 Babies will be born
  • 106 People will die
  • 360 Lightening strikes will hit somewhere on the earth
  • 7,295,000,000 human hearts will beat 582,800,000,000

How many times do we say to our husband, wife, son, or daughter – “just a minute” while we busy ourselves with something else

How many times do we take “just a minute” to check our email, update our status’, harvest our make-believe crops, crush 10 more candies, forward a funny joke, post yet one more self-indulgent selfie, share our life events in 144 characters or less?

I remember when I was a little girl; my mom would say “time for bed!”… I would quickly jump onto my daddy’s lap and say “just one more minute mom… please??? She of course would pretend to be cross with me… until dad jumped in and said… just one more minute… and at that he would pretend that he was whispering something important in my ear. I would giggle with such delight thinking that somehow we, my hero and I, were getting something over on mom. Oh such sweet memories. My mom is gone now. Oh for just one more minute with her. Oh I wish I could crawl up into my daddy’s 95 year old lap for just one more minute. Oh to have those minutes back again.

alarm-clockThose minutes are gone. I can’t have them back again. All I have is this minute and the rest of the 2400 minutes I was given this day. And then I am given, if it be God’s grace, another 2400 minutes tomorrow. Time is ticking away. There is much to be done. There is a finite clock. There is no do-over for any of the minutes that have gone by. There is no second chance… when your minutes are done, they are done.

The question now becomes… Do you know the keeper of the clock? Do you know Jesus? Are you ready? You know that you’ve heard it, you most likely don’t want to acknowledge that you have, but you know that everything in this life is finite. The question is… where will you spend eternity after this life? Does all this sound foreign to you?  I didn’t think that it did.

There were many minutes where I heard about this Jesus. But it only took me one minute to say yes to Him. One minute to become a child of the King. One minute for His grace to invade my life, toss away all of the old me… the old minutes of my life.


It only took that one minute for His love and forgiveness to flow through my entire body. It took just that one minute to be washed clean. It only took that one minute for my sins to be cast into the sea of forgetfulness – never to be thought of again.

It really doesn’t take a minute for any of us to realize that we are sinners. If we are truthful with ourselves, we already know that. It also only takes a minute to understand that it doesn’t have to be that way; that you don’t have to wonder… that all you need do is say yes. Say Yes to the One that is the keeper of the clock. Trust Him. Make the decision. Acknowledge that your working of your minutes isn’t working. Take one minute – 60 seconds – and give your life to Him. In that minute, you will know without question that you can trust Him to forgive your sins, wash you whiter than snow. For Him to come into your life and give you a new life; the one that He has had planned for you all along. The minute is here… it’s time to say yes to Jesus in faith, in truth, in love, and in ps-139-16understanding.

Do you want to know more?  Go here, or drop me a line here.  Don’t let any more minutes of your life go by.  In this world, our minutes are finite…  In the Kingdom, our minutes are endless and eternal.  Will I see you there?

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