Hearing His Voice

The One Year Hearing His Voice Devotional: 365 Days of Intimate Communication with GodThe One Year Hearing His Voice Devotional: 365 Days of Intimate Communication with God by Chris Tiegreen

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“This year, learn to listen for the voice of the One who loves you most. We know for sure that God speaks to His people. Throughout the pages of Scripture, time after time, He guides, instructs, corrects, inspires, encourages, and reveals. Inspired writers even call Him “the Word.” He has always been vocal, and He always will be.

But what does He say to you? How does He say it? How can you know when you’ve heard Him?”

The One Year – Hearing His Voice Devotional by Chris Tiegreen is a great daily devotional to add to your daily quiet time to aid you in learning to hearing God’s voice. And while this isn’t always something we can readily discern, Mr. Tiegreen, helps us to learn to discover patterns and to adopt practices that will enable us to more readily hear His voice.

Each day’s devotional is powerfully written with not just a short story based on a particular scripture. The author opens up that scripture and with it’s teaching and thought provoking questions that you will most likely ponder through the day. After all, isn’t that what a daily devotion is about? Each day then closes with a prayer for a closer and deeper relationship with God.

I truly did enjoy this devotional and is one that I have, and continue, to keep as part of my daily quiet time.

About the author: Chris Tiegreen is an award-winning writer and editor at Walk Thru the Bible in Atlanta, Georgia. He has also been a missionary, pastor, journalist, photographer, and university instructor. He has helped plant churches in several states and countries and still enjoys travel and mission work. Most of his books are either devotionals or inspirational commentaries on Christian themes, and he especially enjoys challenging readers to break out of their traditional assumptions and really get to know God. He and his family live in the Atlanta area.

Visit the author’s website: http://www.chris-tiegreen.com/

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale House Publisher, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.

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