Do you have a fear of being unnoticed and fogotten

Are we striving so hard to be remembered?  To be noticed?  To be important?  To leave our mark on this world?  Do we matter?  Does anyone see us?

Those are questions that are posed… and answered in this book.  It caused some real thought on my part.  I hope it will do the same for you.

The Significant Life: Overcoming Your Fear of Being Unnoticed and ForgottenThe Significant Life: Overcoming Your Fear of Being Unnoticed and Forgotten by George M Weaver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Is human life merely a brief episode between tow oblivions? From an eternal perspective, does our earthly sojourn reduce to the dash between the two dates on our gravestones? … “Jesus criticized those who “do all their deeds to be noticed by men.” Yet we do the same thing today. A great deal of our activities are born of this desire for attention and the often desperate fear of not being known, appreciated, influential, or remembered. Christian meets this need in a resounding way.”

In “The Significant Life” by George Weaver, the author takes us on a journey to take a deep look at our human need for recognition… to leave a mark on this world… to have made a difference and to be remembered for it. It that we not so, then why would we try so hard to gain so much approval.

At times I found this book difficult to read… perhaps because I recognized something of myself that I didn’t want to admit. After all, who doesn’t want to be remembered for something?

This book – divided into three sections – “The Apparent Insignificance of the Individual Person”, “The True Significance of the Individual Person”, and “The Consequences of the Significance of the Individual Person” – tackles just that question and the need and struggles of us mere men. It is an interesting read, though it will most likely bring you to question who’s’ approval, respect, and recognition are we looking for… mere mortal man, or the Our Father God.

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