Breaking Free From Strongholds

Can a person be a born-again, blood-bought, Jesus-loving, child of the Most High King and still struggle with strongholds in their life?  According to a book that I just finished reading by Pastor Bobby Davis – yes,… they can.

Here is an excerpt that I found so amazingly telling…

“As I said when we began this chapter, salvation is a journey.  It is a process.  True salvation is not a one-time event, as most people think.  You go the the altar;  you accept Jesus as Lord of your life; you get up and go on with your life. Sure, at that  moment you were transferred from one kingdom to another, (I love that line!) but the same strongholds you stuggled with before kneeling at that altar are the same one you will struggle with when you get up.” – Saved But Still Enslaved – page 20

How revealing is that statement.  I know in my own life, I struggle with crazy thoughts from time to time.  Sometimes I wonder if I need to be “re-saved” (I really do know that I don’t)  But I do wonder why I struggle with certain sins and baggage.  This book has really opened my eyes to see my stuggle in a whole new light.  I highly recommend this book to not just new believers, but for those of us that have been saved for many years.  It’s time to get ahold of what’s go ahold of us and break it’s grip.

Below is the review that I have posted online, as well as a link to purchase this book and all of the other’s that I have reviewed;

Saved But Still Enslaved: Breaking Free from StrongholdsSaved But Still Enslaved: Breaking Free from Strongholds by Bobby Davis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“It’s possible to be a new creation in Christ… yet still struggle with strongholds. If you’re tired of feeling defeated, this book is for you. There’s hope. Christianity isn’t just about the future freedom in heaven; it’s about entering your promised land and embracing the power of God now. You can accept this freedom, overcome your strongholds and fulfill God’s perfect plan for your life, starting today.”

Salvation is a journey. That is the title of chapter one of Saved But Still Enslaved. In this book the author asks the question that many of us may ask ourselves, just never out loud. If I am saved then why do I still struggle with so much sin? And this is where the author takes us as he discusses his own life (as a preacher’s kid, saved at a young age) and his struggle with addiction and sin.

Pastor Davis is very open about his struggle and the cycle he fell into. Yes he was saved, but each week he would “fall”, and every Sunday he would head for the altar to get “re-saved”.

The truth is, you don’t need to get “re-saved”… we need to deal with the strongholds that grip our lives. The strongholds of: Shame, Inferiority, Addiction, Fear, Un-forgiveness, Hopelessness, Religion and Poverty. Pastor Davis also discusses distinction between Salvation and Liberation. We are saved from our sins; we just aren’t free of them.

This is a powerful book with many wonderful pearls of wisdom and guidance for us that still struggle with wondering why if we were saved at that altar and we know that our sins are forgiven, then why do we still carry the yoke of bondage of the sins that we just repented. This book can help answer that.

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