Breaking Free From Strongholds

Can a person be a born-again, blood-bought, Jesus-loving, child of the Most High King and still struggle with strongholds in their life?  According to a book that I just finished reading by Pastor Bobby Davis – yes,… they can.

Here is an excerpt that I found so amazingly telling…

“As I said when we began this chapter, salvation is a journey.  It is a process.  True salvation is not a one-time event, as most people think.  You go the the altar;  you accept Jesus as Lord of your life; you get up and go on with your life. Sure, at that  moment you were transferred from one kingdom to another, (I love that line!) but the same strongholds you stuggled with before kneeling at that altar are the same one you will struggle with when you get up.” – Saved But Still Enslaved – page 20 Continue reading


made to crave coverSo this week I started an online bible study through the Proverbs 31 Ministry website, called “Made to Crave“, based on the book by the  same name by Lysa TerKeurst.  This isn’t your typical Bible Study.  Nope, this one has challenged me from the first page.

It has asked me to confront some of my deepest emotional triggers when it comes to my food issues.  For example…  the author asks “Is it possible that I love and rely on food more than I love and rely on God?”  Yikes.  Now that’s a loaded question for sure.

When it comes to comfort, joy, happiness, sadness, reward, lonliness where on the spectrum do I turn?  Do I rely more on food?  Well, if the number on the scale represents anything… I would have to be honest and say yes.

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More of the bathroom mirror

So…. Last month, in a post called “The Bathroom Mirror”, I made reference to the fact that we had received some disturbing news that an xray showed that Michael (a smoker) had the beginnings of emphysema.  I wanted to give an update to that post.

I posted that news on 7/2/13.  It was about 24 hours later that Michael chose the date of 7/7/13 as the day that he was going to quit smoking.  Now I would like you all to keep in mind that Michael is 56 years old and has been smoking since he was 12.  Do the math, that’s 44 years!  The longest that he has gone without smoking during all those years is approximately 4 days when he was in the hospital. Continue reading