When A Woman Says Yes To God – A Book Review

What Happens When Women Say Yes to God: Experiencing Life in Extraordinary WaysWhat Happens When Women Say Yes to God: Experiencing Life in Extraordinary Ways by Lysa TerKeurst

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What Happens When Women Say Yes to God is about surrendering your whole life to God. Through scripture and her own personal experience, the author is a guide to what can happen when you develop a complete relationship with God. From the beginning chapter the author uses examples of her own life, struggles and all, to bring the reader along her own journey of finally Saying Yes To God in a whole and complete way. This book is filled with simple wisdom and revelation to aid the reader in making that decision in their own life to Say Yes To God.
This is by far one of the best books I’ve read. Her ability to open up God’s desire for my life helped make me want to read some chapters over and over. I read this book in conjunction with the P31ministry.org online bible study. I would recommend this book to any woman (or man) who wants to take their life in Christ to the next level.

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30 Day Prayer Challenge

So we’ve just entered the last week of the “When A Woman Says Yes To God” online bible study that I’ve been participating in.  This really has been an eye-opening time for me.  I’ve learned so much about myself and my walk with God during this time.  I’ve discovered that I’m tired of “dancing around the edges”.   I’ve found that I am hungry for more of Him.   I’m finding that I have no desire for useless noise (ie television)… I am savoring the quiet.  I am anxious to wake up in the morning to see what blessings and knowledge the day will hold.

In the last Chapter of the book, the author – Lysa TerKeurst – challenges the reader, that after reading and studying this book still says NO to becoming radically obedient to God, to spend the next 30 days praying and asking God to reveal Himself to her and fill her with a desire for Him like never before. (pg 143)

I read this paragraph a few times and I wondered why it pertained only to the reader that says NO to being radically obedient to God.   I have said Yes to God, and with apologies to the author, but I am going to spend the next 30 days asking God to reveal more of Himself to me and fill me with a deeper desire for Him like I’ve never felt before.

So what do I really want?

  • I want more of God’s blessing on my life and my family.
  • I want to know without a doubt what His plan is for my life. Continue reading