God’s Amazing Power To Restore

This book will inspire you to believe that God can and will work all things out for those who love Him.  it is filled with hope and the promise of restoration for any situation….  Donald Driver” (from the back cover of “My Breaking Point – God’s Turning Point“)

“Restoration require you to release your resistance to change.  Restoration begins the moment you stop defining yourself by your   It begins when you accept that you can’t keep going on as you have been and instead you allow God to give you the power to move on.  It begins when you ask Him to give you a new perspective, a larger, timeless glimpse of how your breaking point can become a turning point.”  (From the Introduction – “My Breaking Point – God’s Turning Point“)

My Breaking Point, God's Turning Point: Experience God's Amazing Power to RestoreMy Breaking Point, God’s Turning Point: Experience God’s Amazing Power to Restore by Ricky Texada

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“At some point in our lives, most of us will experience a loss so devastating that it knocks the wind out of our souls and leaves us gasping for hope. In My Breaking Point, God’s Turning Point, Ricky Texada shares his own story of unexpected loss transformed into unimaginable blessing, offering new perspective on God’s amazing ability to restore his people. After losing his wife Debra in a devastating car accident, Ricky wondered if he would ever be able to trust God with the certainty he once had, let alone ever love again. Biblically based and borne out of Texada’s own experiences, My Breaking Point, God’s Turning Point shares the much needed hope and practical guidance to help people get back on their feet and experience the healing balm of God’s loving care.” Continue reading