Return of the gods – Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

~ Is it possible that behind what is happening to America and the world lies a mystery hidden in the ancient inscriptions of the Middle East?

~ Is it possible that the gods of the ancient world have returned to our world?

~ Where is it all heading?

These, and so many more, are the questions that are answered in another great book by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. As with each of his other books, his research is impeccable.

From the book: “A warning: The mystery revealed in this book will touch the sacred cows of our culture and age. It will broach that which is deemed unbroachable, speak that which is just as unspeakable, questions the unquestionable, and reveal that which has not yet been revealed. It will address the most radical and controversial issues of our time, the front lines of cultural upheaval, the catalytic forces that are now transforming society, civilization, history, and life as these have been known.”

And what about America? Are the gods that brought judgement and destruction to Israel making their presence known in America? Is a nation, founded and dedicated to God, now being overtaken by the ancient gods that destroyed Israel?

Has America taken it even further? Has America become the world’ primary vessel for materialism, the worship of prosperity, and money and sexual immorality, pornography, abortion, homosexuality, transsexuality, and the alteration of gender? American has hallowed and championed the sign of the rainbow, the sign given of God’s mercy in the wake of judgment and turn it against the ways of God.

America has turned its face from God and now jubilantly and joyously follows after the gods. To what end? Where will it lead? What of the children of God. What of the faithful followers of God? What is their demise? “What are God’s children to do with the growing movement to curtail free speech in the West, whether in the form of political correctness, wokeism, cancel culture…? And could the day come… when the refusal to bow one’s knee before the gods would incur the most grave consequences?”

Some may read this book and consider it a stretch to associate ancient Israel to America today. To me it was not a stretch at all. One need only listen to the news for a day to see that we are indeed watching the return of the gods right here in America.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book directly from the Publisher, Charisma House, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review. 

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