You Can Hear the Voice of God

You Can Hear the Voice of God: How God Speaks in Listening PrayerYou Can Hear the Voice of God: How God Speaks in Listening Prayer by Steve Sampson

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“What did Jesus mean when he said, “My sheep hear my voice”? According to Steve Sampson, he meant exactly what he said-that his followers would know and recognize his voice. In You Can Hear the Voice of God, Sampson explores what the Bible teaches about the still, small voice of the Almighty. Like two people conversing back and forth, an exchange between God and one of his followers involves both speaking and listening. “Whenever we pray, we should expect to hear something,” Sampson says.

Can all Christians hear God? What are the best conditions for optimum listening prayer? How do we know it is God talking and not our own wishes or, worse, Satan’s attempt to distract and deceive? Sampson gives clear directives for discernment, for cultivating intimacy with the Holy Spirit, and for developing a faith that responds to that quiet voice. Uncomplicated, unique, and practical, this book will prepare readers for the ultimate adventure-enjoying two-way conversation with God and knowing in a deeper way his great love for us.”
I just finished reading, You Can Hear the Voice of God by Steve Sampson. I so thoroughly enjoyed this book. In my own experience, I have “heard” God in my circumstances, but they are usually times of great stress and trial. However, in going through this book, I’ve now realized that God is there all the time. He is speaking to His children all the time. It is us that aren’t listening.

Chapter after chapter the author, Steve Sampson, uses his own life stories to show us how to recognize the Voice of God in so many different area’s that I, for one, had not given thought to such as: Hearing God through His Words in your spirit, through the Inner Witness, Your Conscience, Word of Knowledge, Dreams and Visions.

I especially enjoyed the last chapter of the book where the author, gets down to it and teaches the “nitty-gritty”, or guidelines when it comes to hearing the Voice of God. The “how-to’s” for lack of a better term. Whether you are a newly minted Christian or you’ve been following Him for many years, this book will bring new insight into hearing from the Lord.

About the Author
Steve Sampson has written a number of books about the Christian walk. He and his wife, Marilyn, travel extensively and minister as a team, offering encouragement, faith, and healing to the body of Christ. The Sampson’s have three children and live in Birmingham, Alabama.

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