Empowered By His Presence

Empowered by His Presence: Receiving the Strength You Need Each DayEmpowered by His Presence: Receiving the Strength You Need Each Day by Kevin G. Harney

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“Receive God’s power for the journey ahead. Are you in need of strength, encouragement, and hope? Empowered by His Presence will set you free to face life head-on and follow God’s glorious vision. Kevin Harney weaves together biblical stories and modern narrative to form and stunning tapestry of grace and hope? In the pages of this book, you will find four surprising and God-given sources of strength: Suffering, Loss and Pain, Sabbath and Rest, Community, and Mission and Purpose. Discover how each of the power sources can help you live boldly, serve humbly, and overcome life’s obstacles.”

This book, as the author suggests, should probably be used as a four-week study whereby the reader can really uncover the wisdom and truths written on these 200+ pages. Or you can, as I did… devour the book in a couple of days.

Each of the four sections –Suffering, Loss and Pain, Community, Sabbath and Rest, and Mission and Purpose is set into 6 individual (daily) readings. Each day is a few pages long where the author relates a story of a real individual from the Bible. I had my own thoughts challenged more than once when I saw myself as “powerful”, when in fact I was living a “powerless” life. Really tapping into my upside-down thinking and seeing the truth of what an empowered life looks like in a particular situation gave me a lot to think about.

At the end of each day and section are a number of resources for the reader to dig deeper into what we just uncovered. In addition there are resources at the end of the book for a small-group study. As I said, I read this book in just a couple of days. This is a book that will be on my “second-look” list for the coming year.

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