Making Sense of the Bible

Making Sense of the Bible: How to Connect with God Through His WordMaking Sense of the Bible: How to Connect with God Through His Word by David Whitehead

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“I want to read the Bible, but where do I start? The Bible can seem like an intimidating book, but it may be easier to understand than you think. Making Sense of the Bible will teach you how to enjoy studying it on your own.”

As the Author, David Whitehead, says right in the introduction – “The goal in reading the Bible is not to simply read the Bible. The goal in reading the Bible is to get to know and interact with the God of the Bible.” This is such a true statement.

I just finished reading this book and what an interesting book this turned out to be. It truly starts off by answering the simplest, yet so often asked question… why are there so many translations? Such an innocent question that I’ve heard asked many times. This book takes on that question and so many others.

By walking us through an overview of the various books of the bible – both Old and New Testament – we get a broad overview of the author, the message, the location, the culture, and the audience to whom the book was written.

The Bible is a big book, but it can be read and understood. This book would be an ideal addition to a Bible study for both a new or seasoned believer.

About the Author: David Whitehead has been helping people connect with Jesus Christ for more than 30 years throughout the U.S, and abroad. He is the pastor of Grace in Manhattan and a Church-planting coach for Redeemer City to City.

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through the Bethany House Blogger Review Program, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.

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