The Hope Quotient

The Hope Quotient: Measure It. Raise It. You'll Never Be the Same.The Hope Quotient: Measure It. Raise It. You’ll Never Be the Same. by Ray Johnston

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“What’s at the heart of every thriving person, every thriving marriage, kid and business? Hope! The Hope Quotient is a revolutionary new method for measuring—and dramatically increasing – our level of hope. Hope is more than a feeling; it’s the by-product of seven key factors. When these are present in your life, they cause hope to thrive.”

I wondered when I first decided to read this book if it was going to be just one more feel-good, pop-psychology book – Certainly from the title and the cover I thought it might just be that.

However, I am glad to say that I was wrong. With the retelling of some excellent stories, personal anecdotes and a good amount of biblical truths and illustrations, the author, Pastor Ray Johnston, brings it all down to the key facts. What Hope is and what it is not.

Hope not only liberates, it unleashes compassion, it encourages people, it motivates and helps people attempt new things, helps people to find new strength, and propels people forward. Hope is not some unreliable sensation. It is not wishful thinking or blind optimism and it is not an unnecessary luxury.

Part two of this book discusses the seven factors that will raise your hope quotient. While part three talks about what could happen if we unleashed hope in our marriages, our careers, our churches, our communities and our world.

This book is not just lip service to yet one more wide-eyed smiley person telling you that it’s not that bad, just have hope. The author takes care to walk us through the practical steps of raising our hope quotient. It was an interesting read.

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