Experiencing God’s Presence – A Review

Experiencing God's Presence: Learning to Listen While You PrayExperiencing God’s Presence: Learning to Listen While You Pray by Linda Evans Shepherd

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“God wants to hear from you – but He also wants you to hear from Him.

What if every time you had a conversation, your best friend never got a word in edgewise? Your relationship would be less than fulfilling – for both of you! In the same way, a fulfilling prayer life is more than just regularly talking to God. And it’s more than checking items off a prayer list. God loves us so much that He wants us to draw close enough not only to talk but also to listen.”

I love this book! Every page is a blessing! It is rich with the author’s stories and experiences, as well as her clever way of re-telling of Bible stories that will just bless the reader and bring home the message that will help you nurture your prayer conversations with God.

As each chapter unfolds, we are reminded that our prayer life is about more than a list of sick folks and issues. It’s about coming into His presence… spending time with Him… and savoring His power, love, healings and blessings.

This is not a book that I would read once, mark it done and put it up on the shelf. In my opinion, this is a book that I will return to for help and guidance and just to remind me that He is waiting not just to hear from me… but for me to hear from Him.

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