Pathways To The King – A Review

Pathways to the King: Living a Life of Spiritual Renewal and PowerPathways to the King: Living a Life of Spiritual Renewal and Power by Rob Reimer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“The Church in America desperately needs revival. We have fewer people attending church now (percentage wise) than ever before in the history of the United States. But how do we experience revival? How do we usher in God’s kingdom on Earth and see the next great spiritual awakening? It starts with you. God wants you to draw near to Jesus and to be a carrier of His kingdom, and He wants you to expand the kingdom to others – just like Jesus did. Pathways to the King provides you with 8 Kingdom pathways that you’ll need to incorporate and internalize in order to experience and expand God’s kingdom on Earth. When you begin you walk down these pathways, you will develop intimacy, authority, and power in Christ and become a kingdom-minded person living out the compelling life of the Spirit.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It served as both a wake up call and a reminder for me that I have been becoming complacent in my walk. I was “OK” with the way things were… instead of being hungry for more, and wanting all that God had for me – like it was all those years ago when I first met Jesus. Not only do I need revival, but also the Church needs revival.

The author brings out 8 pathways that we need to walk in order to bring about a fresh revival and renewal – both corporate and personal. We are called to internalize the pathways – personalizing our identity in Christ, pursuing God, purifying ourselves, praising, praying kingdom prayers, claiming promises, passing the tests, and persisting – in order to walk in continuous revival.

This book is filled with great information that just makes sense. There are probably 100 “blubs” (for lack of a better word) scattered throughout the book. They are wonderful nuggets of wisdom and truth that will certainly give you something to ponder through your day. A personal favorite – “If you believed the things that God believes about you, it would revive your soul”!! While this book is an easy read, I feel that this book deserves great attention and certainly more than just one reading to fully absorb the message that is so desperately needed in our Country.

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