January 1, 2013

My thoughts from today’s Bible Reading:

Gen 1:1 – 3:24 – The Creation Story

Gen 3:11 – 3:14  “And he said, “Who told you that you were naked?  Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?  The man said, “The woman YOU put here with me – SHE gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.”  Then the Lord God said to the woman, “What is this you have done?”
The woman said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.”  (emphasis mine)

That just struck a cord with me.  Even all the way back then, man makes a mistake, goes against the “rules” and he blames someone else. Not only did he blame “the woman”, but he also blamed God.  Like a whiny child… I can almost hear the whining… “It’s not my fault.  It’s your fault, YOU made her…YOU put her here with me, if YOU hadn’t put her here, I wouldn’t be in this mess.” 

I haven’t lived on this earth for 56 years and not made mistakes.  Some huge whoppers for sure.  But one thing I’ve learned…  I made the mistake.  I reap the consequences.  I can’t blame my bad decisions on anyone but me.

Then I read this passage:

Gen 3:21 – The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.
Even after they broke the one single rule that God had for them.  Even after the whining and crying and blaming,  He still loved them enough to take care of them.  To provide for them.  Isn’t that just the truth.  We sin…  we fall down… But the Lord our God still loves us.  He still cares for us.  He still provides for us.  That, to me, is Grace – undeserved, yet freely given.

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