Life On The Family Farm

Life on the Family Farm: Under an Open HeavenLife on the Family Farm: Under an Open Heaven by Tom Heck

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“You are the most God-gifted writer I’ve ever had,” Tom’s college professor told him. However, Tom quit college; his love of farming drew him back to the farm. Thirty years later, Tom picked up the pen again, drawing readers into farming adventures with him. In these exciting and uplifting true stories, he shares his love of farming, family, and God. His unique writing style brings the reader right alongside him and his family as they work on their northern Wisconsin dairy farm. Tom’s stories have spread like wildfire from his hometown newspaper to papers across America. Readers tell him, “Please don’t quit writing.” Others ask him, “When are you going to make it a book?” Due to popular demand here it is.”

This book, Life On The Family Farm, is a series of short stories that the author, Tom Heck, has compiled over the years. In this book there are 76 stories in total and I fell in love with every one of them. While we all know that the American Farmer is a rare breed, and their days are filled with backbreaking, never-ending work, Mr. Heck almost makes me want to sell it all and become a farmer. Continue reading