Own Your Life

Own Your Life: How to Grow a Legacy of Faith, Love, and Spiritual InfluenceOwn Your Life: How to Grow a Legacy of Faith, Love, and Spiritual Influence by Sally Clarkson

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God has made you with the capacity to live courageously, to have great faith, and to become a person of influence. Will you follow hard after Him and live into your potential? Will you choose today to own your life?

Learn to live each day with spiritual intention—and see how your moment-by-moment decisions add up to a breathtaking life story that shines with God’s love. You’ll come alive with confidence, energy, and purpose as you discover His fingerprints in your most ordinary days. Your life will become a lasting legacy that points others to Him—and He will honor your decisions beyond what you ever imagined.”

“What will be the legacy of your life? What story will the day of your life tell? Will you invest your life for eternity, or spend it, wasting the days on things that do not matter, on issues that will quickly fade away?” (Page xv) Those are the first words in the opening of this book and they are powerful. They are the words that challenged the author, Sally Clarkson, all those years ago. They are the basis for this thought-provoking book, a book written to challenge you to ponder your life, and own it. Own and take responsibility for your own behavior, decisions, and attitudes. Continue reading