Alive in the Spirit

Alive in the Spirit: Experiencing the Presence and Power of GodAlive in the Spirit: Experiencing the Presence and Power of God by A.W. Tozer

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Is the Holy Spirit active in your life? Many people look to extraordinary experiences as evidence of the Holy Spirit. But what happens when the experience ends? How can we be filled with the Spirit every day in the ordinary things we do?

Many talk about being filled with the Holy Spirit, but few accept God’s conditions. Tozer lays down these requirements in his trademark bold and wise way. Though every Christian has the Spirit, not every Christian is filled with the Spirit. Knowing the difference will change your life.

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Come Out Swinging Through the Hard Times

This book is a “DON”T MISS”!  It is being added to my “second look” list for 2015.

The Pendulum: Come Back Swinging Through the Difficult TimesThe Pendulum: Come Back Swinging Through the Difficult Times by Rickie Rush

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You Haven’t Missed It; You’re Right on Time! Many of God’s people feel guilty for going through difficult seasons. We think depression is spiritual weakness. In challenging circumstances, we ask: “God, where are You?” We consider the state of our lives and become discouraged, assuming we are not where God wants us to be. But what if we are?

What if the very circumstances that threaten to destroy us are the very things that launch us into our God-ordained moments of destiny? In The Pendulum, Pastor Rickie Rush shows you that there is a time for everything under heaven.

The Pendulum by Rickie Rush is an interesting book that got my attention and as well as it got me to thinking. Everyone seems to think that once/if you’re a Christian then life is filled with unicorns and pixie dust. How I wish that were true, but it isn’t. Christian deal with all the same life issues, the same difficult times that everyone else does. We have all the same triumphs and tragedies. And just like everyone else, sometimes we just don’t know how to get back up and fight. Continue reading