When You Need Peace

The Beauty of Grace: Stories of God's Love from Today's Most Popular WritersThe Beauty of Grace: Stories of God’s Love from Today’s Most Popular Writers by Dawn Camp

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This is your invitation . . . to slow down, take a deep breath, and know that you are loved

“In this hectic life, it’s easy to forget that God is always near at hand, even though He sends us frequent reminders. The beauty amid the mess, a well-timed word of encouragement from a friend, the memories that won’t let go of our hearts–they’re all ways God extends an open hand to us. But if we’re not paying attention, we can miss it.

Combining heartfelt stories from some of today’s foremost writers with Dawn’s stunning photography of God’s incredible creation, The Beauty of Grace is your haven of calm contemplation amid the chaos. This inspiring collection includes stories of cultivating friendship, waiting on God, choosing joy, staying connected, learning to trust, and much more.”

This book, The Beauty of Grace, is just… peaceful. It is a wonderful compilation of stories written by women from all walks of life. They are stories of Grace. Grace in our Purpose, Our Surrender, Our Trust, in Our Hope and Encouragement, in our Lessons Learned and in Our Worship. These are more than mere stories written by some of the most popular writers, they are stories that almost make you feel that they are right there with you, sharing their words. Continue reading

Peace Through Prayer

“The Stress Cure” by Linda Evans Shepherd is a book that I read and reviewed in October 2014.  This is a profound book that touched me deeply.  I felt that I needed not just to read the book again, but to really give it my attention and let it work to soothe me in the craziness of all that is going on around here.

With head-strong, unbelieving extended family members, there is never a shortage of drama.  Lately however, the level of crazy has gone to a whole new level.  One that I didn’t think was possible.  Most days, I don’t want to answer the phone and consider running away as a viable option.

So the other day as I was flipping through the pages of this book, I can upon this prayer:

Dear Lord, Please forgive me for allowing my circumstance to overwhelm me instead of trusting in You.  I close all the doors I have opened to the enemy in this area.  In addition, I cancel any plans the enemy has for my life.  I cast out any power of influence from any evil spirit trying to overwhelm me.  I pray this in the power of the name and blood of Jesus   I exchange the enemy’s work for God’s peace.  Send the river of Your peace not only to me, but also to those overwhelmed by the same influences and circumstances.  I pray this also in the power of the name and blood of Jesus!  (The Stress Cure – page 45)

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