hand in Hand

Hand in Hand: The Beauty of God's Sovereignty and Meaningful Human ChoiceHand in Hand: The Beauty of God’s Sovereignty and Meaningful Human Choice by Randy Alcorn

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“If God is sovereign, how can I be free to choose? But if God is not sovereign, how can he be God? Is it possible to reconcile God’s sovereignty with human choice? This is one of the most perplexing theological questions. It’s also one of the most personal.

In hand in Hand, Randy Alcorn says that the traditional approach to this debate has often diminished our trust in God and his purposes. Instead of making a one-sided argument from select verses, Alcorn examines the question in light of all Scripture. By exploring what the whole Bible says about divine sovereignty and human choice, hand in Hand helps us… • Carefully and honestly examine the different views on this issue; Gain a deeper understanding of God; Appreciate God’s design in providing us the freedom of meaningful choice; See the value in better understanding what we cannot fully understand; Learn how to communicate about the issue in clear and compassionate ways; More fully experience the unity Christ intends for his Church” Continue reading