Stop Waiting… Start Winning – A Review

Stop Waiting… Start WINNING!: 10 Steps to Living Your Vision NOW!Stop Waiting… Start WINNING!: 10 Steps to Living Your Vision NOW! by Teresa Hairston

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“God created you to be visionary! You may not feel like one. Or maybe you are completely burnt out on vision because you’re had so much of it – and nothing has happened… yet. In Stop Waiting… Start Winning! Dr. Teresa Hairston shares ten life-changing principles that you can apply to see your dreams become reality.”

When this book arrived, I thought… oh here we go, it looks like the cover for a 3AM infomercial! I read the back of the book… “Live Your Vision Now!” “God created you to be a visionary!” “ She ran with vision in sprite of the obstacles…” I am so pleased to report that I was sorely mistaken.

This book is a joy to read and is so enlightening. Ms. Hairston just breaks it all down and lays it all out… so profound. This book captured me from the first chapter. The essentials that she lays out chapter-by-chapter are not just ten principal spread out over four phases. They are nuggets of wisdom and knowledge, utilizing biblical truths, as well as processes and prayers that Ms. Hairston herself employed in fulfilling the destiny that God had planned for her life. Continue reading