God is just not fair

If you’re like me, I’m sure that more than once you’ve wondered and perhaps even said out loud…  God why do you let bad things happen?  Why do “bad” people seem to be having it all when all I seem to do is struggle?  Why do you allow us to suffer?  Why didn’t you stop that murder?  How can you allow this cancer diagnosis? 

These are the huge questions of life that most, if not all of us, don’t have an answer to.    Sure we have the pat answer that “God was there when that mom lost her unborn baby”… or “God was right there weeping when that young girl was killed”…  or “God was holding you as you said your final goodbye to your husband” or my favorite…  “Your husbands work on earth was done and God needed him in Heaven, more than you needed him here”!!!  But to me, that is all they are …  simple, pat answers that really don’t mean anything when you are in the midst of it all. Continue reading