My Christmas List

My husband says to me, “what do you want for Christmas?” I answer “nothing”, and he obliges. To me Christmas is one of the most sacred of days. It is the day that my Savior, my King, my Redeemer was born and for that reason alone, I celebrate. Other than that, I find little reason to celebrate.

To many folks, it is a day/season to spend too much money on unneeded and unnecessary “things”. I believe that if these things are needed and necessary they would be bought at the time that they are needed and deemed necessary. So many are entrenched in the mindset of more and more and more; posting, streaming, snapping, pinning, tweeting pictures of mountains of presents under, over and around their tree. For what? For what purpose? Do you really think that the person opening the gift will love you more or less depending on the dollar amount spent? If that is true, then there really isn’t any love there.

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