The Truth of The Liar

I was watching television the other day and a 15 second commercial for a weekly show came on. It was for a show called “Lucifer”. Well it was quite the Holy Spirit moment, as Mike had been telling me about the talk at work in relation to this show and how the guys at works told him (Mike) should watch it… ‘it’s not what you think it is’… ‘it’s a really good show’… ‘lucifer is the devil, but he really wants to be a good guy’… etc.

In this 15-second blurb, lucifer speaks out and says ‘you need to know the truth’. Yes, you’re right… You DO need to know the truth. And with those words, here we are. I have seen so much lately of good being called evil and evil being called good. I feel compelled to speak the truth. I am going to try to keep on point… however please keep in mind that this is a huge subject. There is much Truth to be told.  You will find an article I wrote six months or so ago on this subject entitled The Truth of the Enemy on this blog at

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Be A Rebel

Be Rebellious: Fight Back Against A Culture That Doesn't Care About YouBe Rebellious: Fight Back Against A Culture That Doesn’t Care About You by Megan Clinton

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“Why are we trying so hard to fit in when God created us to stand out? Many of us have been tricked into believing that life is all about starving yourself into a size 0, wearing sexy clothes, and snagging a hot guy. We measure our worth by the number of our followers on social media or “likes” on our digitally enhanced selfies.

We shape our lives around these lies, unaware that we’re on a pathway to brokenness and destruction: Eating disorders. Depression. Addiction. Abuse. We may think we are “rebelling” by breaking the rules of our parents’ generation—but the reality is, we’re anything but rebellious. Instead, we’re slaves to our culture, desperate to fit in.

But we don’t have to live this way. We have a choice. Do you want to make a difference and change the world? Then take your heart and life back from a culture that doesn’t care about you! Grab hold of the truth that your value isn’t based on your relationship status or dress size—it’s based on who you are.”

Be Rebellious – Fight Back Against a Culture That Doesn’t Care About You. Now there’s a challenging title. Had I not read the back of the book, I would certainly think that this book was about a whole other subject. But it isn’t. It’s about being a Rebel. It’s about being what society isn’t. It’s about being our true self… the self that God created us to be. It’s okay to want “a more traditional faith, rather than a hip version of Christianity” (page 67). It’s okay to want to rebel against everything that pulls you away from total intimacy with God, and it’s okay to have doubts and to beg Him for answers and to turn to HIM for the answers to the questions of our life.

We can rebel against a society that says that purity is old-fashioned, that “keeping ourselves” for our husband is not cool and so outdated, and that any form of Godliness is totally “uncool”.

Why is it we as a society ridicule any professional athlete or otherwise that proclaims their Christianity, or unashamedly admit their chastity on national television? We watch, and perhaps chuckle, as they are mercilessly “roasted” by the late-night comedians and the liberal press. We read the nastiest of twitter comments about a 30+-year-old female tennis player that admits her virginity. And yet on the flip side we, also as that same society, celebrate those engaging in an alternate lifestyle. Clearly something is very amiss with our national moral compass.

This is a book that, while it is written by a woman much younger than I, I can clearly see her passion and accept her challenge to Rebel. “Will you dare to believe and follow Christ in a world that says moral values and integrity are crazy? (Page 177) or is it “go along” to “get along”?

About the Author: Megan Clinton (now Megan Clinton Allison) graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Pre-Med/Biology and is currently attending Physician Assistant (PA) School at Jefferson College of Health Sciences. As part of the Extraordinary Women travel team with her mom, Julie Clinton, Megan has a passion to see young women find their identity in Christ, be set free, and live God’s dream for their lives. In addition, she is excited to be equipped as a PA to provide medical care to those in need through international mission work.

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