Writing a Life

Many of us, myself included, all feel that we have something inside of us… our story…  that needs to come out.  We may feel that there is something about it that can offer hope or help to someone else.  But how many of us really know what a writing life is.  How to get started, what it takes, what you have to be willing to give.

So here is this little book called “Dancing on the Head of a Pen” by Robert Benson.  Like my review says, it is more than a how-to book about how to write a book.  It really is a look into the authors’ years and years of being a writer, the good and the not so good.

Do I still feel that I have a story… yes I do.  It’s in there, it just needs to find a way to come out.  In God’s time and in His way… I know that it will. Continue reading