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I’ve gotten a bit ambitious this year.  I’ve decided to take on 2 more blogs.

The first new blog is a “Healthy Life” blog.  It’s time I came to admit the truth about my health – or lack thereof.  So, I started a blog called  The Me Project.  There you can join me in my walk to return to health.  I will be openly sharing my struggles and triumphs.  I’ll share what I’ve learned, what works and what didn’t work.  You’ll find information from the industry experts on health, cooking, exercise, physical health, spiritual health, and emotional health. I’ll openly share my health issues, etc.  I would love for you to follow me there – The Me Project.

The other blog, that I have just launched in the last couple of days is called “Refined By The Fire“.  It is a place where I will be sharing what I’ve learned over all these dozens and dozens of years when I’ve had the opportunity to walk in the Refiner’s Fire.  It hasn’t always been a pleasant walk, but the wisdom that I’ve gained cannot be measured.  I’ll be sharing stories and teachings from my own life, as well as from friends and acquaintances and from time to time the biblical leaders of our day. You also find a new teaching series called “Tuesday Truth’s” where I’ll be writing about the truths found in the Word and how they apply to our lives.  I would love for you to follow me there – Refined By The Fire.

To all of you that follow this blog, thank you.  Your encouraging words, and sometimes just the click of the “like” button, tells me that you’re out there.  So thank you.  I’ve got some interesting posts coming here this year too.  The field of amazing Christian writer’s never ceases to amaze me.  I am so overly blessed by all of you.


One thought on “Blog News

  1. You are right on point. Once you establish a personal relationship with God, He will reveal your God given gifts to you. If He comes through for you one time,, He will do it again. This is how you develop your faith. wpb


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